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ChemCalc is currently at v0.01a. This is a "pre-alpha" status, where a 1.0a is an alpha status. At this point there is nothing to release, but the actual process of coding has begun. Also, none of the features of the program have been created or implemented yet.

     To Do:
  • Finish the website.
  • Finish and implement the stoichiometry features.
  • Create and implement the unit conversion features.
  • Establish and maintain a stable and extendable code base.
  • Create a useable program and write the documentation for it.
As you see, there is still quite a bit to do before version 1.0a. I seriously doubt that open development on the project will be started until at least release 1.0b. This is in the hope that I can have some control on the codebase, and also because this is a small project to expand on my programming skills.

Also another small point. Every console version of ChemCalc, in theory, should be fully portable. This means that any platform with an ANSI C++ compiler will be able to use ChemCalc. A gui version may become available for Win32 platforms, but I have neither the time or tools to develop it on both platforms.
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